• Self Service Rental Process … Rent A Unit Anytime 24/7

  • Clean & Dry

  • Sizes from 5 x 10 to 20 x 20 Available

  • Climate Controlled Units Available

  • Month to Month Rental Agreement

  • Friendly, Professional Service

How To Rent A Unit

1. Go to the “Rental Information” display at the storage facility.  Decide on the type of unit and size of unit you need.

Type: Climate Control or Non-Climate Control
Unit size: from 5 by 10 to 20 by 20
View All Unit Sizes

2. Look at the board to see the units that are available to rent for the type and size you have chosen.

3. Non-Climate units are on the outside of the buildings. Climate Controlled units are inside the buildings.  If you want a Climate Controlled Unit, please call or text the owner at 251-971-7368 to get the door code.

4. Take a lease from the box. Read the lease carefully about what can be stored and COMPLETELY FILL OUT AND SIGN THE LEASE.

5. Take an envelope from the box. Tear off the top sheet of the lease and put it in the envelope.  Keep the bottom sheet of the lease.

6. Put your first month’s rent in the envelope (cash, check or money order). If you want to use a credit or debit card, fill out the “How To Pay” “Credit/Debit Card Form” in the box and put the form in the envelope.

7. Seal the envelope and lay it flat in the drop box.

8. Move your items into the unit you have chosen.

9. Place YOUR lock on the unit door that you are renting.

If you need assistance, call or text us at 251-971-7368.


How To Pay

We offer 4 convenient payment options:

1. Put your payment (cash, check or money order) in an envelope, bring it back to the storage facility, and put it in the drop box. Be sure your name and unit number are on the envelope.

2. Mail your payment to our mailing address:
American Storage
P O Box 7368
Gulf Shores, AL 36547

3. Set up your payment through your checking account with online banking so you won’t have to remember to pay and will never have late fees! Call or text us for the information you need to do this.

4. Set up your payment through a credit or debit card below. Note: due to credit/debit card processing fees, we have to add 4%. For example, a $100 storage unit would be $104.

All payments are due on the 1st of the month. Late fees of $25 apply after the 5th.



Please understand that we do NOT have insurance on the items in your unit.  That is your responsibility.  If you are worried about damage to your items from things such as theft, fire, or flood, we strongly suggest that you contact your current insurance company.

Rent and Pay … Anytime 24 Hours a Day

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